Friday, December 29, 2006

Vietnam Airlines to sell e-tickets in February 2007

The national air carrier Vietnam Airlines has announced it will begin selling e-tickets in February, or one month later compared to its previous plan.

The plan to sell e-tickets has been delayed as the Ministry of Finance still cannot define the specific payment procedures for e-tickets.

When booking an e-ticket, passengers will receive a receipt with the certified stamp of Vietnam Airlines. This will be the lawful payment voucher, which is considered as the red bill.

Vietnam is now also planning to launch a specific website serving e-ticket sales. When passengers enter their names and ticket numbers into the website, they will be able to print the information relating to their flights. The main information like the date of flights, ticket numbers will also be printed onto A4/A5 papers to be delivered to passengers, or will be sent to passengers’ e-mail or mobile devices.

According to the Passenger Marketing Division under Vietnam Airlines, the selling of e-tickets in the trial period from December 4 to 31 has been showing good results with several thousands of tickets having been sold. An official from Vietnam Airlines said that the rapid development of e-tickets in the world has been worrying Vietnam Airlines and forcing the airline to apply the e-ticket selling system as quickly as possible.

The official said that in 2006, 75% of the total tickets issued by BSP, the agent system belonging to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), have been e-tickets.

BSP in the Republic of Korea (ROK), for example, plans to issue 100% e-tickets in 2007, while Vietnam has not implemented any detailed plan on selling e-tickets yet.

IATA has announced that it would not accept paper tickets as of 2008. Therefore, issuing e-tickets is one of the most important tasks of Vietnam Airlines in 2007.

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