Saturday, December 30, 2006

Beware of ‘junk’ US colleges flooding Vietnam: US expert

Vietnamese studying at domestically-based US colleges have been dealt a major blow, receiving worthless certificates as training standards fall far short of stateside education standards.

At a conference held in mid-December, Dr Mark A. Ashwill of the International Institute of Education in Vietnam warned of the uncontrolled arrival of several unaccredited US universities to the country post-WTO.

Mark pointed a finger at the US’s Wyoming state, home to several colleges which were not accredited by the US government – including Paramount University of Technology and the America City University (ACU).

ACU had reportedly cooperated with the Singapore Management Training Center (SMTC) to open an MBA course in Vietnam, which eventually ground to a halt due to poor quality.

Dr. Mark also pointed out other unaccredited US colleges that have commenced operations in Vietnam such as the Preston University, Pacific Western University, American University Hawaii, Kennedy Western University, Columbia Commonwealth University or Akamai University.

The schools allegedly grant students what amounts to worthless certificates, as they fall short of training standards laid down by the US government.

Notably, people should be vigilant against Pacific Western University, which has launched fanfare advertising campaigns aimed at enticing Vietnamese students to enroll.

Recently, foreign education investors have begun to cash in on huge demand for higher education in Vietnam, seeing the domestic system is failing to meet the demand.

IIE-Vietnam is a branch of IIE, an independent, nonprofit organization headquartered in New York, founded in 1919 to promote peace and understanding through cultural and educational exchange.

Source: Thanh Nien

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